The Fundamentals

Courses in Interdisciplinary Knowledge

The purpose of these courses is for students to come together and acquire fundamental knowledge from courses in humanities, social sciences, science and engineering, and interdisciplinary studies. These endeavors do not simply entail the study of the established concepts of other subjects. Rather, students are exposed to different learning styles as well as to methods for cooperating across disciplinary boundaries. Students can thus gain the interdisciplinary perspectives needed for approaching the major issues of today. In this way, the practical applications of scholarly knowledge can be learned and magnified.

Courses in Transferable Skills

These courses aim to give students the necessary tools to boost their specialized grounding and use interdisciplinary perspectives to form effective strategies to tackle challenging issues. Students learn those comprehensive skills, such as methods of self-expression and communication skills, that are vital for transcending borders. In addition, students are trained in statistical literacy, research design, research theory, and other literacy skills with which all researchers need to be deeply familiar. Other courses cover research design, entrepreneurship, field-study methods, and problem-solving workshops.

Language Study

In order to have the foreign language skills that are needed to become effective global leaders, CBI students must take academic English courses. In addition, CBI students participate in an intensive English-study abroad program during the summer break of their first year. Students travel to Vancouver, Canada to boost their English communication skills through an intensive language program at the University of British Columbia. Students will be able to deepen their understandings of other cultures by staying with local families for the four weeks and becoming immersed in the day-to-day multicultural life of British Columbia.

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