The Core

The CBI Program offers mini-workshops and project-based courses in order to help students better understand the process of identifying issues, developing possible solutions and implementing strategies. Students receive this practical training in their first and second years so that they can develop the skills for analyzing the “big picture” before zeroing in on a social problem or issue.

Mini-workshop Examples: Solutions of Social Issues

This subject is a discussion- and project-based course that focuses on seeking solutions for real-life problems in society. Students strive over a one-week project to combine field study, interviews, independent analysis and group discussion to better grasp the process of forming problem-solving strategies. Students can thus acquire the skills and versatility necessary for dealing head-on with the risks and difficulties involved.


Project-Based Learning

In the third year student teams must put together a project in which they select a real-world challenge, review different problem-solving approaches, and draft practical solutions.