Student Voice


Ting LIU

Graduate School of Economics
International Business
Language Studies in International Business

I am engaged in the research of language studies in international business, of how for example differences in fluency in majority languages can influence power relation, commitment, emotion, trust, team performance and so on in the workplace. Although my research is based on the business perspective, what I am aiming at is contributing to building networks across different languages and eventually across the boundaries of people, race, culture and political preconception.

 What fascinated me about the CBI Program is the diversity, not only of the assorted fields of study, but also the distinct ways of thinking of the participants and the transcendent power with which they pursue what they want to be. Where is all of this guiding me? Education inequality in China is becoming an issue that cannot be ignored and education diversity has not yet been fully promoted, even though “quality education” has been advocated for several decades. The CBI Program made me rethink that the bringing together of comprehensive skills, diverse specialties, collaboration, creativity and strategic skills might be the direction that we should also attempt in China in the near future. That is one reason that spurs me on to decide to go in for education as my career pass. CBI is the place where I believe what I have constructed academically is going to be deconstructed and reconstructed over these five years.

 Inequality can be banished with education reform. What I learn, I teach; what I get, I give. CBI can help prepare me for this future, and make all of us the people who can succeed when challenged.


Shumpei HANAI

Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Creation Pharmacy
Analytical chemistry

 I am studying Biological Inorganic Chemistry. My research focus is on the mechanism of a protein which protects cells from oxidative stress and upregulates in tumors. When the mechanism is detected, it can serve as a cancer detector. I hope to help people in the world become healthier. I believe disease prevention is the most important task in daily life. From my research and life experience, I have a strong interest in the healthcare market. I had joined the CBI Program because I want to start up a healthcare company in the future.

The CBI Program is a program that is tougher than I had expected in the beginning. In the first year, I had a hard time writing reports about CBI classes and doing presentations in classes because I did not know how to cope with everything well. That is why I at times had to sit up all night for the reports. It was very challenging for me to send e-mails to researchers abroad and to discuss a variety of topics deeply with CBI members. Moreover, I had to balance this with special research in my PhD.

However, I have had very exciting experiences through the CBI Program. For example, I have experienced: intensive language training in Australia; stimulating discussions with companies, researchers and entrepreneurs; and interdisciplinary classes with students specializing in other fields. Based on these experiences, I realized that there are many people who have unique ideas that they are trying to implement. It was very frightening for me to start on this path in the beginning, but the CBI experience has provided me with a valuable base and chance to move forward.