Cross-boundary Activities

Laboratory Explorer

Under these courses, CBI students are able to visit on-campus research facilities and learn the significance of different research methods, as well as gain a better understanding of the state and range of research that takes place at Osaka University. A deeper understanding of the research styles of different fields can inspire students with new angles with which to view other fields as well as their own. This will lay the seeds for a comparative outlook that will lead to a more rounded appreciation of the fruits of scholarship and practice.

Sports Communication

In the Life-Skills Training course, students learn how to boost their stamina, develop physical conditioning skills, better manage time, set goals, and refine communication skills. Students stay at an off-campus training camp and attend lectures and training sessions given by top athletes, including Olympians. In addition to learning the fundamentals of a physically healthier lifestyle, students can improve their skills for team- building and more efficient group work.

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Field Study

CBI students participate in a field-study trip abroad in February-March of their first year. In these trips students can meet people with lifestyles and values distinct from their own. By visiting places where the cultural, political, and socioeconomic dynamics challenge the norms they are familiar with, students can gain new perspectives for looking at the world and its different challenges. They can get a better sense of the range of possibilities that a diverse, globalized world has to offer. CBI students on field study visits have been to places such as Bhutan, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, East Timor, the Cook Islands, and Palau.

Innovation Practices Courses

Students must undertake an “Innovation Practice Course” relevant to their academic interest. From the beginning of the program each CBI student has an opportunity to formulate short-term visiting programs to establish and expand networks in the world and prepare for their career development. Opportunities for long-term internships and other practical activities in Japan or abroad are also available. They can be pursued at companies universities, government bodies, international organizations, non-profit organizations, or non-governmental organizations.

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