Program Introduction


We live today in a world where risk advances in knowledge, particularly in science and technology, are driving all kinds process in our societies. Nevertheless, we still find ourselves acing a multitude of serious challenges, from environmental degradation and soaring energy needs to economic underdevelopment and social inequality. At the same time, we confront a paradox where an explosive in knowledge and skills has led to increased compartmentalization among specialists, just when the creative measures needed call for expertise across disciplines.

Thus, in order to address today’s range of issues, society needs to not only generate high levels of expertise but also to harness the creative forces and long-range visions that an interdisciplinary meeting of minds can bring.

Rising to this challenge of cultivating visionary global leaders for government, industry, academia and citizens, Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology laid the groundwork in 2011 for establishing next-generation graduate programs called “Programs for Leading Graduate Schools.” Osaka University consequently proposed the Cross- Boundary Innovation(CBI) Program, an “All-around Program” designed to train outstanding leaders with a wide range of expertise across the sciences and humanities. The CBI Program formally began its mission in 2012 to produce innovative leaders for a new era.