Program Introduction


Completion Policy

The CBI Program will award certification to students based on the achievements and research attained at their respective faculties, on their fulfilment of CBI course requirements, and on their mastery of the comprehensive skill set required to step out into the real world and respond to the difficult tasks before us. In short, the CBI Program will confer recognition on those students who have earned their doctorates and who have acquired the following basic skills and qualities from the Program:

Completion Policy II

The Abilities to Drive Cross-Boundary Innovation

– A foundation of pertinent research skills in your academic field, a base of high culture and a good dose of international awareness.

– Skills to take in a situation and identify issues and new tasks through bird’s-eye-like viewing and holistic thinking.

– Dynamic problem-solving skills needed to put forth solutions based on new and original ideas and ways of thinking.

– Cooperation with others who have various backgrounds, all to drive an effective problem-solving process.

– Global-based actions based on guidelines for generating innovation and new value systems.

Completion Policy III

: To build constructive relationships with others and have the grounding for a broader outlook and for creative endeavors

– Can you describe your academic field to others outside your area of research?

– Can you grasp the basis, context and logic of other academic fields?

– Can you comprehend how important it is to transcend borders, and openly describe the limitations of your specialization?

– Can you possess an eagerness and openness to understanding other disciplines, enough to be able to ask the right questions about subjects beyond your zone of expertise?

– Can you describe the social and public significance of your major field based on the perspectives from other academic fields?

– Can you have a constructive discussion aimed at solving problems through collaboration within and beyond your specialty?