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The Target Skills and Qualities of the Cross-Boundary Innovation (CBI) Program.







What qualities are required to become a leader of Cross-Boundary Innovation?

They include a high level of expertise, a creative spirit, the courage to look past established frameworks and traditions, and the ability to draw up visions, all coalesced in a drive to acquire a broad outlook and an innovative spirit through encounters with other disciplines.

The CBI Program of Osaka University aims to train top students who can cross boundaries as well as lead others across those boundaries. To accomplish this, the Cross-Boundary COMPASS of six qualities and skills – Six Drivers – will serve to guide the participants.


From the selection process through the Qualifying Examination (QE) and beyond, the CBI Program will base education and training on the six COMPASS skills, boosting students’ confidence levels and personal development, honing relevant skills and qualities, and identifying points for improvement.

Through this steady process, the CBI Program aims to use the six COMPASS skills to train and grow leaders who will cross boundaries and give rise to the innovation that can make a difference.

The Cross-Boundary COMPASS – Six Drivers –