Graduate School
Graduate School of Economics
Management Science
Field of Specialty
Global Management,Marketing
High School
Harbin No.3 Hign School
Tianjin Foreign Studies University, Sappro University
Calligraphy, Cooking, Eating, Travelling


In the Cross-Boundary Innovation (CBI) Program, you can not only learn high technical knowledge in the specialized field but also can get the chance to utilize the technical knowledge into the other fields and have an overlook of the whole. CBI program also creates conditions for widening international exchanges, strengthening mutual understanding beyond the limits of nationality, language, religion, and other narrow sense of character.
I am aiming at being a professor in the university or working in the educational institution in the future. In CBI program, I can do the research together with students and professors from different fields or different countries with different backgrounds. I think the great experience from CBI program can give me knowledge, variety, challenge, integrity, and the impetus to keep on studying. It is also very important for me to build up interpersonal relations and enrich my social experience through field study, pre-internship,and the long-term internship.
I hope CB students can enjoy the achievements by transcending boundaries of stereotypical thinking patterns and improve together.
I also want to bring what I learned in Japan back to China and contribute to “competence-oriented education” in the future.
So, Keep on going and never give up!!